Hospital bills Riverview patient for treatment that never took place

Patient says she never saw a doctor

RIVERVIEW - This consumer had it in black and white, no one laid a hand on her during her stay in the emergency room.  Yet both the hospital and the physician on duty billed her  for treatment.

Home daycare owner Despina Green says she powered through abdominal pain for three or four days before her husband drove her to the emergency room.

Brandon Regional Hospital's own medical records show Despina left about an hour later without treatment. This patient grew tired of waiting and went home. But weeks later both Brandon Regional and the ER doctor on duty billed her for $1300 worth of IV and other medical treatments.

Greene made phone calls and she wrote a letter to the hospital. The director of the emergency department wrote back stating they had reviewed her records and determined the standard of care was met.

Apparently the billing department did cross check with the medical records office. I called Brandon Regional's administrative offices and asked that they review all of Despina's records. Days later, her phone rang. It was the hospital who offered to write off the bill.

Citing HPPA laws a Brandon Regional spokesperson would not comment on the issue but said in an email.

"If Brandon regional patients have billing questions, we encourage them to call patient account services."

We checked and the only agency in Florida that mediates this type of claim would be the Florida Department of Ag and Consumer Services.

If you are having a similar issue you can file a complaint at



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