Homeowners face long waits for settlement money

In January 2013, Attorney General Pam Bondi's office launched an outreach program to encourage every Florida homeowner due settlement money to file a claim.
Esther Johnson was among them.
Last summer, Esther says, the claims administrator, Rust Consulting, notified her of a pending payment. This summer she was still waiting on a check.
The Attorney General's Office confirmed Esther is not alone.
A delay in settlement checks can result from multiple factors, including deaths, divorces and missing information on claim forms.
After hearing Esther’s story I reached out to the Attorney General’s Office. Two days later her phone rang.
So what caused the delay? In an email, Pam Bondi's spokesperson said, "That individual was not included in the data that was received from Wells Fargo regarding eligible borrowers."
Esther's long awaited check for $1,480 arrived a couple of weeks after she made a call for action.
If you are among those still waiting on a payment from the national mortgage settlement, contact the claims administrator toll-free at 866-430-8358 (hearing impaired call 866-494-8281). You can also email the administrator at administrator@nationalmortgagesettlement.com.