Homeowner asks for new AC after four years of suffering through the heat

Consumer says no one responded to her complaints

Mary Harris says she tried contacting both the installer and the agency who assisted her in getting an air conditioning unit then she called me saying she could not physically face another summer living in a hot house.

The central air conditioning system, installed four years ago, failed to cool Harris’ small mobile home. She showed us a make shift portable unit she used to keep the temperature inside bearable on the hottest days.

This all started when the Largo resident qualified for the Pinellas County Urban League's weatherization program, which meant a new AC and window upgrades for her mobile home.

Harris says she's complained to both the Urban League and the contractor who installed the unit. Techs have made repairs but none have lasted, trouble that's translated into physical pain as she suffers from a rare auto immune disorder.

After hearing her story I contacted the Pinellas County Urban League. Within a matter of weeks they had the original contractor come out and replace the old unit with a brand new one.

For the first time in four years she is facing the summer heat without fear.

The Pinellas County Urban League says it was not aware that the original unit was not working at all. We checked and found a proper permit was pulled and this unit was inspected.