High fashion for a fraction of the cost

New sites provide money for clothes you don't wear

Suzy Gauvreau owns a closet full of trendy clothes but has found a way to avoid their retail prices.

She and more than a million others have signed up on Tradesy. The website and mobile app allows customers to sell any brand name item in their closet or buy high fashion stuff for 60 to 70 percent off retail.

Some clothes are still new with tags on them. Some are slightly used. But customers say they are never more than gently worn.

Gauvreau showed us pants she paid for with cash she made selling designer duds out of her own closet. Tradesy even provides the shipping kit.

We found half a dozen online sites peddling the clothes you don't wear, including the popular Threadflip and Thredup. Some act as a consignment shop while others facilitate peer-to-peer selling. Most are looking for brand names or like-new clothing. Often they take 20 percent of each sale.

Tradesy's founder and CEO Tracy DiNunzio points out her site charges only 9 percent of the sales price.

If you are looking for instant gratification without pictures and posts Platos Closet provides a quick fix. They pay cash on the spot for trendy pieces and brand names.

And at the store you can see, feel and try on the goods before you buy at 70 percent off retail. The down side for sellers: Platos Closet buys the clothes for 60 to 70 percent of what the items will sell for.

The resale trend shows no sign of slowing down. Tradesy is only 16 months old and already has over a million members. They claim to have streamlined both the sign up and shipping process so that it's faster and more convenient than Ebay.

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