High electric bills sent family on two-year quest to figure out problem

PALM HARBOR, Fla. - Heat-blocking shades are just one of multiple energy-efficient investments Heather Sutton made in an attempt to trim her power bill.

The renter says Progress Energy informed her when she moved in two years ago, the average cost to power the 1300 square foot apartment ran $116 a month.  Then came electric bill shock with bills ranging in the $200 to $300 range.

They serviced the AC, ordered an energy audit and set the thermostat on 80, all of which failed to budge the bill, which left the family on financial and emotional edge

Then in August, Sutton's fiancé shut off the breaker and checked the meter.  It was still spinning.

Turns out Sutton's power was connected to her neighbor's meter.  All this time they had been paying someone else's bill. 

Progress Energy calls what happened a rarity.  Spokesperson Rob Sumner claims PE is not to blame for what happened as the mix-up took place on the other side of the meter, the side the building is responsible for.

Still, Sutton says, the utility has offered her $750 worth of credit to her account.

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