Hernando contractor faces felony charges after arrest for fraud

Contractor is accused of defrauding veterans

BROOKSVILLE, Fla. - Hernando County Sheriff's investigators arrested Donald Siciliano Jr. in his front yard.

Detective Ed Ciccone, who worked the case for months, tells me Siciliano denied any wrongdoing in connection to his work with the Disabled American Veterans (DAV) of Brooksville.

"Every time I asked him a question he talked in circles," said Ciccone.

The trouble started last summer after the DAV paid the contractor thousands of dollars to install a new septic system. The lift station failed days later, flooding the chapter with raw sewage, which forced the chapter to shut its doors for 3 weeks.

"Having a debt hanging over us killed us when we lost 3 weeks of bingo revenue." DAV Commander Dave Parker blames the break down and ensuing disaster on a botched install. A claim Siciliano denied when I caught up with him two weeks ago.

The 41-year-old now faces one count of organized fraud based on the installation, and what Detective Ciccone calls a forged document that led the DAV to believe they hired a contractor who had liability insurance. "Mr. Sicilian's insurance was canceled in April of 2010 and that the form that was presented to them was a fraud."

Parker welcomed news of the arrest. "When he told me what he charged him with -- organized fraud -- that made me smile even more."

But it doesn't make a dent in the mountain of debt they've incurred.  Nor does it end the possibility this chapter, which has served veterans for more than 30 years, may have to close their doors as a result.

The DAV will be holding a fundraiser next month on June 12 in order to raise money to pay down some of that debt.  If you are interested in helping out, email Jackie at Jackie@abcactionnews.com or go to her facebook page , click 'like,' and leave a comment.

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