GM owners grow tired of waiting on recall parts

General Motors notified Cookie Weyrauch in April it might have installed a defective ignition switch in her Chevrolet HHR.
Per the recall notice instructions, Weyrauch removed all the keys and key fob from her key ring, leaving only the key to the ignition.
A trip to her local Chevrolet dealer left Cookie with more concerns and no answers. Three months later, no one was able to give her a date to bring in her vehicle.
I took her concerns straight to GM. In an email, a GM spokesperson responded, “Wait times differ by dealership but overall the wait time is shrinking. We will have enough parts to fix 2.2 million cars by October.”
The company said it's repaired more than 600,000 of the vehicles in the Cobalt family since the recall.
On Monday I contacted Weyrauch’s local Chevrolet dealer. The parts had come in. The business gave her a loaner car and changed her ignition switch all in the last three days.
GM said free loaner cars are available for owners of Cobalt family vehicles who are worried about their safety.
General Motors tells me it needs more people affected by the recall to place orders. Here is a link to help drivers place an order and receive the latest information on the recall.