Getting out of debt is constantly among the most popular New Year's resolutions

Get out of debt in 2013

TAMPA - Just two years ago, Shemeyah Francis struggled with thousands of dollars in credit card debt, a sub-550 credit score, and constant calls from bill collectors.  She describes that time in her life as frustrating and out of control.

Then Francis, a single mother juggling work and school, found CredAbility and counselor Juan Menendez.

At the time, she had very little idea of the process of buying a home as far as credit, a budget and all that.  But she had a goal.  She wants to own a home in 2013.

Menendez put Francis on a budget and together they negotiated payment plans with the credit card companies.

In two years, she climbed out of debt, raised her credit score more than 100 points, and silenced the bill collectors.

CredAbility lists five gifts they suggest giving yourself for the new year:

  • 1) Figure out how much you owe.
  • 2) Create a spending plan.
  • 3) Pay down credit card debt.
  • 4) Build a savings cushion.
  • 5) Develop a financial plan for the future.

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