"Freshy" promises to preserve food for weeks. But does it really work, and will it save you money?

You try to buy the freshest looking produce when shopping for groceries. But too often they spoil early and end up in the trash.

So can a product called Freshy really stop your food from spoiling early?

The company claims it's scientifically proven to prolong the shelf life of food in your refrigerator or pantry.

"This is not medicine. There are no chemicals in it. It's all natural," said Carlos Fuentes, president of C-5 Biotechnologies in Odessa, which produces the egg-shaped device.

Fuentes said the product is safe but would not detail its exact contents.

"We have natural spring water, we have added some proprietary natural minerals to it, and we have subjected it to our technology, which is naturally occurring energy," Fuentes added.

For our unscientific test, we went to Chef Clyde Tanner, academic director of the Art Institute of Tampa's culinary program.

Chef Tanner said food days old can lose nutritional value and taste.

"I'm just skeptical," Chef Tanner told ABC Action News anchor Wendy Ryan.

"But it could work?" Ryan asked.

"Absolutely!" he said. "I'm very open minded to this."

We purchased green apples, broccoli, lettuce, yellow peppers, raspberries, blackberries, cilantro and sirloin steak and split them evenly into two trays, one with Freshy and one without. We placed the trays in two separate refrigerators, both kept at 40 degrees.

Food tested in the company's own lab looked fresh, claiming the Freshy keeps items from deteriorating.

"It retains the moisture, it reduces oxidation and it reduces the bacteria growth," Fuentes explained.

So after leaving our food in the refrigerator for five days, Chef Tanner checked on the products.

While the fruit and vegetables in both trays still looked fresh, the meat next to the Freshy had already started to turn.

"We do have a little more oxidizing going on," Tanner commented as he looked at the steak.

The meat without Freshy faired even worse.

"There's a lot more oxidizing going on and, in fact, this one is actually turning a little green at this point," Tanner pointed out.

So we came back eight days later.

Once again, both groups of produce didn't look much different. And the meat browning on both pieces looked about the same.

We returned on day 12 for a final assessment. Both stems of broccoli had discolored.

"If we look at it, same oxidization is happening in both," Tanner said.

And both boxes of blackberries had mold, and the one with Freshy looked even worse.

The two raspberry cases were almost identical.

"The non-Freshy looks a little better," Tanner noticed.

A little discoloration appeared on both green apples and the lettuce heads looked about the same, too. Both bags of cilantro looked fresh and usable. But the sirloin steaks? Not so much.

"There's actually more red in the non-Freshy meat?" Ryan asked.

"I think the non-Freshy meat looks better than the Freshy meat," Tanner admitted.

However, Freshy did work well on the yellow bell pepper, which appeared almost new.

"This one definitely does look fresher," Tanner said.

Still, Chef Tanner was not impressed with the overall results.

"So this is a little disappointing?" Ryan asked.

"A little disappointing," Tanner responded.

But Fuentes stands by his product.  

"We have a money back guarantee," Fuentes said.

C5 Biotechnologies gave ABC Action News the following statement regarding the Freshy test results:

"These test results are inconsistent with dozens of scientific, third-party independent tests conducted on the Freshy.  Since the product's inception, we have consistently seen positive test results reported from various users of the product including professional chefs and other media outlets.  We know people will be skeptical because this is a new and an innovative product, but Freshy does work!  We guarantee it.  If anyone purchases a Freshy and is not satisfied with the results within 90-days, we do offer a money-back guarantee - no questions asked."

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