Former travel agent turned con artist Randall Trusty faces victims and sentencing in court

Randall Trusty skipped out on trial

WESLEY CHAPEL - The judge gave everyone involved the chance to be heard. Multiple victims along with the accused and his mother all addressed the court. But in the end, the judge hit Daren Randall Trusty with the maximum sentence.

One by one, clients who once trusted Trusty told stories of betrayal.

In August, a jury convicted the former travel agent of stealing over $30,000 from A World of Adventure Travel in Wesley Chapel and several clients.

The 46-year-old stole the $15,000 from Susan and John Rapp who thought they paid for a dream cruise .

He also stole the $3400 Larry Walter saved for a long awaited trip to Ireland.

Trusty's arrest record for fraud spans 24 years.

After apologizing to two of his victims, Trusty tried to explain his disappearance during jury deliberations in August saying he panicked.

His pleas failed to sway Judge Pat Saracusa, who handed down the toughest sentence allowed by law, 15 years in jail.

It was the maximum, just what the Rapps and Walters asked for.

Before the sentencing hearing, Trusty's mom delivered a $25,000  check to the court, which will be distributed among his victims.

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