Five more ways to save on gas you may not have considered

TAMPA - Everyone is feeling pain at the pump, and many are concerned about fueling your summer fun.

"They are telling you it's recommended to run premium fuel, but you can use regular 87, regular gasoline," said Rick Hicks.  The manager at Brazzeal Tire and Service says there are a few things you can do to save, such as go with cheaper gas.

Check your owner's manual. If the manufacturer says Premium is "recommended" you can use regular gas without harming your car.
If the word used is "required," you must stick with Premium. "If it's 'recommended,' yes, you can use the 87 octane and it will run fine."

Your owner's manual reveals another fuel-saving tip. Make sure you are using the grade of oil your manufacturer tells you to. This can boost fuel economy by one or two percent. Rick suggests synthetic oil for more savings. "Synthetic makes the car run cooler and it's less friction involved there, so in turn you get better mileage."

Our third tip -- consider a credit card that gives cash back for gasoline purchases. There are several credit cards on the market including one from Discover, another from Capitol One, and one from AAA that gives you cash back every time you fill up.

Tammy Field is with AAA. "There's no fee to have the card, so if you are going to pay for the gas with cash, you just pay the credit card off every month."

Some hotels are offering gas-related deals to keep their rooms full. Some are gas giveaways, rebates on room costs, and even discounts on train tickets.

The Wyndham Hotel in Tampa is offering a $50 gas card with an overnight stay in a $99 room. Field says the deals are popular with Tampa Bay residents.

"There are quite a few hotels in the Orlando area, so we see a lot of people booking summer packages or doing a weekend trip to Orlando."

There are dozens of apps for your smart phone that will direct you to finding the lowest price based on your location. You can download ones such as or AAA's TripTik Mobile.


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