Deadline is days away to apply for a healthcare plan or pay a penalty

The Obama administration has announced it will grant an extension for those who apply for insurance on but don't get through the process in time.
The 11th hour media blitz aims to catch the attention of young people, many of whom have not embraced the Affordable Healthcare Act.
Insurance agent Sherry Perri-Anzalone estimated she's signed up 200 people so far. A young healthy man or woman can sign up for high-quality coverage for about $225 per month, she said. There are high-deductible catastrophic options for less, or you can go without it and pay the penalty.
Uncle Sam will impose a 1 percent penalty on your adjusted gross income on your 2015 tax return if you don't enroll in a qualified plan.
But as this agent pointed out, a single trip to the emergency room can cost you much more than the penalty for not signing up. And there are subsidies for people making between $11,000 and $40,000 per year.
The only way out of enrollment without penalty is to claim a hardship. A hardship can be anything from bankruptcy to losing a loved one to having your health insurance canceled and not being able to afford new insurance.
Those who miss the deadline won't get another chance until the end of the year. People can also make changes to their current plan between now and March 31.
To enroll, access hardship forms or request an extension, visit You can do this yourself or use an agent who can walk you through the process and options.
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