Criminals go door to door to scam seniors out of money

Some solicitors have criminal histories

Rennie Foss was tinkering in his yard when strangers approached.
Fosse, who is 73 and suffers from Parkinson's Disease, assumed the men were with his current alarm company.
Within minutes, the two men had gone into her home and removed her existing alarm system and installed one of their own,  Nancy Foss said.
The couple says the salesmen explained they were upgrading their home alarm, but that was not the case. By the time they left, this couple was stuck with two long term alarm contracts and two monthly bills.
Hillsborough County Consumer Investigator Debbie Brown said she has worked about 10 similar cases in recent weeks involving more than one company.
Not one of the salesmen had a permit to solicit door to door in Hillsborough County, and investigators confirmed several of the salesmen have criminal histories, including charges for violent crimes.
The victims range between 70 and 95 years old. Almost all say they were tricked into signing a contract that trapped them into paying for two alarms.
Investigators have successfully mediated the Fosses and others out of these contracts. Remember that companies you already do business with are not going to show up at your door without an appointment.
If you want to find out if a sales person has a permit to solicit, contact the Clerk of Courts Office in your county.