Code enforcement finally cleans up neighborhood after our phone calls

Seminole Heights community releaved

TAMPA - It's been months since the grass has been cut at 2106 East Nedro Road and neighbors in the Seminole Heights say they are fed up.

Neighbors like Aracely Garcia say they have been calling and emailing Tampa Code Enforcement for some time now with no resolve, but Friday morning, there was the sound of progress.

"When I heard the noise, I opened the back door and I said, 'Oh thank gosh!,'" says Garcia.

Tampa Code Enforcement showed up a little before 7:45 Friday morning with a three-man crew equipped with a lawn mower, weed whackers and mini-saws to make the eye sore a little easier to look at. 

All this after we took action by making calls to the Code Enforcement office to see why they hadn't responded to the home.  Susan Wenrick, District Supervisor with Tampa Code Enforcement says someone from her office has been to the house before and left a notice on the window.  That was when the city didn't know the bank had taken over the property. 

Wenrick says since it's bank owned, it's not the city's responsibility to keep the property up, but they will be sure to stay on top of the issue and take the proper action for the future.

"We'll notify the bank to have this maintained.  If they do not, they will receive a citation and if they still do not, we will have a contractor come in and do it and then bill them for those services."

Neighbors say they don't care who is responsible, they are just happy the city did something to help out.

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