Coby Electronics sells $400M worth of electronics a year, closes leaving worthless warranties behind

Customers worried about worthless warranties

Fourth grader Geoffrey  Perro wanted one thing for his 9th birthday. This 9 year old's wish for his first tablet came true, but disappointment quickly followed.

His mother, Kara Perro, took the tablet back to HH Gregg who told her to call the manufacturer Coby Electronics.

Kara says the company instructed her to send in the tablet and a $15 money order. 

She was told it would be repaired and returned in 6 weeks but the tablet and money disappeared.

In recent months, Coby Electronics which sold $400 million worth of electronics a year, laid off workers and shut down operations.

Thousands of customers could be affected. I contacted HH Gregg and asked how they plan to handle consumers who bought defective  products still under warranty  at their store.

In a statement, an HH Gregg spokesperson said:

"If someone requires assistance with a Coby Electronics product during the warranty period we encourage them to visit the store where the purchase was made and discuss a solution with an associate."

In Geoffrey's case, the store gave him a $99 credit, which he used to replace his broken tablet with one that actually works.

We also tried Coby's phones and no one answered. Normally when a company files for bankruptcy or closes it's doors, there is little recourse for consumers other than filing as a creditor on the bankruptcy case and then you may only get pennies on the dollar for the money owed. 


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