Citizens denies claim after water leak destorys kitchen

Family claims denial was wrong

TAMPA - It  all started with a stench. The hidden dishwasher leak led to a mold problem which meant major remediation and thousands of dollars.

Citizens sent out an adjuster. Then the insurer sent this letter. It denied the Melissa Land's claim citing an exclusion to their water damage coverage that states, "We do not insure….. for loss caused by constant or repeated seepage...over a period of time..." But there is no definition for period of time.

According to Adam Horn a licensed mold remediator the leak and ensuing damage could have taken place in a matter of days.

Citizens denial coupled with the effects of the mold overwhelmed this family. After going over the Lands policy I emailed Citizen's Tallahassee office and asked that they review the claim.

Citizens does not discuss individual cases but in an email a spokesperson stated. "Our claims department has reviewed the documentation provided by the Land's and they are working to address their concerns at this time."

In the end Citizen's sent the family a check for $18,000 to pay for repairs. Had the claim not been paid,  the Lands and anyone in their position, fighting an insurance denial has the right to  pursue mediation through Florida's Department of Financial Services.

For more information go to: mediation/index.htm

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