Cellphone customer asked to pay for service that she never received

She paid for phone that did not exist

SPRING HILL - A toy phone will do for her 2-year-old, but Chassitity Miller recently decided to purchase a real phone for her older daughter, Lexi. The decision led the Millers to a Spring Hill Metro PCS store.

Miller’s receipt indicates she paid $182 for a Nokia Lumina, a case and a charger that she was told to pick up the next day.

She returned to the store the next day and the day after that, at one  point waiting three hours for someone to deliver the phone to the store, she said.

The Millers demanded their money back and say someone at the store authorized a refund minus a $66 activation fee for a phone they never received.

After hearing her story and seeing proof of her purchase, I contacted a Metro PCS spokesperson and asked them to look into her account. That spokesperson responded via email: "While we can't discuss specifics, we provided a refund to the customer and worked fully to resolve the situation."

Two days later Metro PCS credited Chassitity Miller’s checking account the full amount.

The Millers learned a lesson. Always use a credit versus a debit card. It will protect your purchases or refund your money in the event of a problem. And if possible, pay for any item in full up front with something other than a credit card.



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