Cellphone company admits billing error but does not provide full refund

Cellphone customer says carrier owes thousands

Brad Holman blames himself for the fact he didn't catch AT&T's error before now. It wasn't until the couple's phone bill spiked late last year that he went online and pulled up an itemized bill that he studied line by line.

For upwards of four years the Holmans said the carrier charged an extra $60 a month for a second family plan they didn't want.

Brad Holman said AT&T cited its policy and offered to credit his account about $1,300, or half of what they actually overcharged him.

This consumer was not satisfied and I was curious as to why his carrier would not provide a full refund for charges they considered an error. I reached out to AT&T and a spokesperson responded via this email. "Thank you for bringing the customer issue to our attention," the spokesperson said. "We have since contacted the account holder and the situation has been resolved."

They issued a credit for about $2,700, according to Holman, who said he appreciates the company doing the right thing.

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