Carry-on crackdown trips up travelers

A carry-on bag crackdown is taking place at airports across the country. Some airlines are enforcing baggage rules that have long been ignored, surprising even seasoned travelers.
Some travelers say they have been caught off guard at the security check point.
Jewelry designer Ashley Carson is well traveled. But on a recent trip an airline worker forced her to check her usual carry on.
Experts like George Hobica of Airfare Watch Dog said the crackdown has less to do with checked bag fees and more to do with fuller flights. They want the planes to load faster, unload faster and to make sure there is enough space in the overhead bins for everyone.
The airlines post their carry-on policies on their websites and they are not all the same.
To deal with this new level of scrutiny, measure your bag before you leave home and only take valuables you can fit in your purse or personal item.
Depending on the airline you may or may not be charged for the checked carry-on.