Amazon removes knock-off of Tampa mom's product

TAMPA - It's a modern day story of David and Goliath.

Carren Reiger created and patented a first of its kind baby product, but she couldn't stop from selling the counterfeit version until now.

Reiger is proof that necessity is the mother of invention. This mother of two invented the Porta Chair, a portable harness that converts any chair into a highchair.

She patented the design and her business, BambinOz, was born. Two years and more than 2,000 Porta Chair orders later, sales began to plummet.

Reiger claims a Chinese counterfeiter duplicated her design and marketed it on the world's largest online store, Amazon.

Reiger said the other company copied word-for-word the description even photos from the BambinOz website. She wrote letters to Amazon and then hired a New York City lawyer.

According to Reiger, Amazon told her it was only a marketplace and she needed to go after the company in China.

Reiger and her lawyer battled Amazon for more than a year without success. Then this South Tampa entrepreneur made a call for action. I contacted Amazon's corporate offices and forwarded a copy of the patent with documentation to prove her claim.

Ten days later Reiger says the retail giant responded via email that it would remove the listing for the knock-off Porta Chair.

Amazon thanked us for bringing the matter to its attention but pointed out the company’s longstanding policy of not publicly discussing individual buyer or seller accounts.

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