Your money: Airlines want more for regular seating

Airline fees know no bounds

Fee-happy airlines kicked off a domino effect that began with charging for a checked bag.  Now some carriers are asking for more money for carry-ons.

Where will it end?

Veteran travel agent and owner of Elite Travel Tammy Levent says there is no end in sight.

Long-time flier Jason Nelson says he was shocked to recently discover there is a fee if you want to select your seat at time of purchase.  He never expected to pay extra for a standard seat inside the main cabin.

Some airlines now charge just to choose your seats at time of booking, American Airlines among them.

There's nothing special about these so-called preferred seats according to AA's own website, which says the preferred seats are standard legroom seats located in the main cabin.

American Airlines says they do not separate parents traveling with children who have not paid to pick their seats in advance.

If you don't pay the seat fee at booking, you will still get a seat on the plane but it possible you will be separated from your adult companion.

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