Couple claims mail man refused to deliver mail

Donna Dunn only recently began getting mail delivery to her new home in spite of moving to St. Petersburg in May.
Dunn’s rental home sits behind a home that faces the street. The first couple of weeks she said the mail arrived but then she received nothing.
She claims her carrier began placing her incoming mail in her neighbor's box. She drove to the St. Petersburg post office and met with the acting delivery master.
Dunn claims he flat out refused to have a carrier walk to her mail box, the same mail box where the last tenant received mail. At issue: The 60-foot walk from the street to Dunn’s mail box, which sits where it always has in front of her home.
The carrier continued to leave her mail in her neighbor's box, which is against federal law.
After hearing Dunn’s story I contacted a spokesperson for the USPS Tampa office.
Just one day later an email hit my inbox: " this instance, the local postal manager contacted the customer and apologized for the inconvenience. The necessary steps have been taken to ensure mail delivery to the customer's address."
Then a local postal manager showed up at Dunn’s front door to deliver the apology in person.
The post office tells me it takes all complaints about mail delivery seriously. Their customer service line is 800-ASK-USPS. You can also submit concerns to