2013 prices will be higher for some items

The cost of cars and food is going up.

TAMPA - Gas prices are down year to year, but the cars that run on it are getting more expensive, thanks to the technology required to improve fuel efficiency.

Smart phones are predicted to cost more as some service providers such as T-Mobile no longer offer discounts when you sign up for service.

USF marketing professor Dr. Adam Craig agrees with the logic, but in some cases there's a bright side to the painful predictions.  The surge in new car sales may mean a glut of used cars that could translate into discounts on gently used models.

High-end TVs like Ultra HD are expected to hit new highs when it comes to price, but if you are willing to settle for a medium-tier big screen, then expect to pay less than last year.

Unfortunately, when it comes to groceries, which ranks behind mortgage and rent as our highest monthly bill, this expert agrees with the others.  A two- to four-percent increase is predicted.

There are a few items that are expected to cost less this year:  Streaming movies, eBooks, and gas among them.

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