Parents can save $2,000 by using cloth diapers instead of disposables

CLEVELAND - If the words "cloth diapers" make you cringe, you're not alone. They do have a bad reputation. However, a few Ohio moms are trying to change that. They say, cloth is making quite the comeback. One of the biggest reasons why is, it's a huge cost cutter.

"They're easy and they're modern and they're much different than your mother's cloth diaper," said Erin Schillo, owner of Diaper Parties in Macedonia, Ohio.

Say goodbye to safety pins and plastic pants, and say hello to the new reusable diapers. They're equipped with snaps, Velcro and fashionable fabrics. For many moms, the most appealing part is the price tag.
"Cloth diapers are going to run, for a full stash, between $300 and $500. The good thing about that is, you get to use it for more than one child," said Schillo.

Schillo said $500 may sound like a lot at first, but most parents shell out a total of $2,500 on disposable diapers from the day their baby is born until they're potty trained. The savings multiply with the more children you have.
"You can use it on more than one child, which is the big draw. If you're going to have a big family, you're going to save thousands of dollars," said Schillo.

Besides the savings, moms like Maria Tana Del Rosario, say you can't beat the convenience.     

"Never having to run to the store when you run out of diapers and never having to pay $60 some or more dollars a month is convenient," said Del Rosario of Lyndhurst, Ohio.

Another draw for many families is that they're eco-friendly, compared to disposable diapers, which take a  long time to decompose.
"They sit in a landfill. They're estimating, because the first paper diapers haven't decomposed yet. They're estimating 250 to 500 years," said Del Rosario.

Cloth diapers are more labor-intensive than disposables, because you have to keep up with the laundry, washing loads of diapers every two days or so.    

If you give cloth diapering a try and you decide it's not for you -- don't worry. Cloth diapers tend to hold their value. You can sell your stash on websites like Diaper Swappers or Craigslist.

"You can buy a diaper for $20, not like it, and sell it for $18 a couple months later. So you're still saving money by just trying it," said Schillo.

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