Owners say Chinese dog treats are making their pet sick

TAMPA - There is no doubt in Walter Zaphchlak's mind what caused Brewster's ongoing illness.  Zapchlak showed us home video in which Brewster suffers a seizure and struggles to stay upright, one of several such episodes.

But when the dog owner took Brewster to Medicine River Animal Hospital, Dr. Shawna Green suspected the dog's daily doggie treats, which are made in China.

"Especially in cases like this.  If they come in and they've been sick we ask them if they are using the treats," said Dr. Green.

Symptoms range from diarrhea to kidney problems.

Last November, the FDA issued a warning regarding chicken jerky products imported from China after seeing a spike in consumer complaints. Since then, 900 more pet owners have come forward

On its website the FDA says "Samples collected from all over the United States have been tested for a wide variety of substances and to date, scientists have not been able to determine a definitive cause for the reported illnesses."

Brewster is among Dr. Green's patients who made a full recovery once they stopped eating the treats.

Some of the biggest makers of these treats, including Waggin' Train and Milos Kitchen, say they have a comprehensive food safety program and they point out the FDA's extensive testing has failed to show any connection.

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