Free on the web: Tech deals and steals you can grab in a flash

My inner college kid will always love free stuff.  On campus, the easiest way to draw a crowd was always to holler out "free pizza!" or "free Red Bull!" and watch the co-eds swarm.

For those of you chained to your desk or laptop from 9-to-5, here is a list of free tech goodies that will give you a little jolt.  It's like bargain hunting, without the mileage.

This list will be updated with expiration dates (where applicable) and new deals as I find them.


- $5 Credit for Amazon MP3: All you have to do is fill out a one-question survey, and you can opt-out of emails and advertising. Here's the link: (credit expires January 2013)

- Free, legal music downloads through Freegal - all you need is a local library card. Several Bay area counties are members of this service: (app also available for iPhone and Android)

- Free audiobooks on Audible:  You can find this through a Google search.  Just type in "$0.00"

- Updated 11/26/12:  Free DVD Ripper software - great for backing up your library to your iDevice:  Available for PC or Mac (expires November 30!)

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