Emails claiming to be from StubHub, saying your credit card will be charged $2,700, is a scam

CLEVELAND - The Better Business Bureau is sending out a warning about a new scam email. The latest one claims to be from StubHub. It says your credit card has been authorized for a charge of over $2,700 for tickets to a boxing match in Nevada, but says it will not be charged until the seller confirms the order.

It then gives you a place to login and see your order confirmation.

StubHub says if you get the scam email, do not login. It may steal your passwords and give thieves access to your account.

Also, if you do have a StubHub account, change your password right away. Go directly to the StubHub website to do that, not through an email. You should also send a copy of the scam email to

BBB offices across the country have gotten calls from consumers about the emails. People with -- and without -- StubHub accounts may be at risk.

Remember, if you receive any questionable email asking for personal information or regarding an order you didn't make, do not click on any links.  Contact the business directly by looking up a phone number or email address elsewhere, not by any of the contact information given in the email.

For more information on the StubHub scam emails, go to .

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