What to buy, and not to buy, in July

Most of us are either at the pool, on the beach, or dreaming about one of the two this time of year.

And back-to-school shopping is not yet under way, at least not for another week or two.

So the money saving website Deal News.com says this is a great time to shop, because stores need to clear out summer merchandise, and are slashing prices to get customers in.

Things to buy in July

Deal News, in a new report , says July is a great time to buy the following items:

-Sandals, swimsuits, and all types of summer clothing:  This is about it for summer clothes. Stores are clearing them our for school and fall lines.

-Tools, now that Father's Day is over.

-46-inch HDTV's:  Deal News says some are as low as $500.
- Barbecue grills:  As Target and Walmart turn their grill section into their back to school section, they will slash grill prices.

Things you shouldn't buy in July

However, Deal News says it's still not the best time to buy:

- Sunglasses: They are in hot demand right now. Prices are slashed after Labor Day.

- Patio sets:  Again, Target and Walmart will mark them down to make way for back to school sections.   However, at other stores, the biggest markdowns come in September.
Finally, if you need a new laptop, wait.  The big markdowns start in about two weeks, when back-to-school shopping gets into full swing.

As always, don't waste your money.

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