What to buy, and not buy in May

It's May, the month when school winds down, the weather warms up, and stores start slashing prices on spring wear and outdoor gear.

The website Deal News.com has just released its list of things to buy and things not to buy in the month of May, ranging from electronics to clothing to video games.

The best things to buy in May:

       -Spring clothing, now in markdown mode.

       -A gym membership, now that it's slow season at the health club, and few people are signing up.

        -60 inch HDTV'S, now on markdown as stores prepare for new models.

       -And Windows 8 laptops, which continue to be slow selling.    

What not to buy in May?

Deal news says do not buy:

       -A game console: The Playstation and Xbox are about to be updated, but Deal News says there are no deals yet on the current models.

       -New video games: Wait a month or two, as prices will come down on current games once the new consoles go on sale.

Great Sales in a Few Weeks

Finally, Deal News says if you can wait 3 weeks, Memorial Day sales are some of the best of the year, with the biggest clothing bedding and furniture sales since presidents day.

That way you get a deal and you don't waste your money.

As always, don't waste your money.

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