U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission dishwasher statement

"We care deeply about the safety of families impacted by dishwasher fire incidents and we have conducted numerous investigations into incidents reported to CPSC in recent years. To date, most of the fire or smoldering incidents were contained inside of the dishwasher, where the lack of oxygen and combustible materials prevented a larger incident from occurring. However, incidents of fire or overheating are a serious concern for CPSC, and will be investigated thoroughly.

In the past two decades, we have announced 15 voluntary recalls of dangerous or faulty dishwashers. Consumers are encouraged to check CPSC.gov to see if their dishwasher has ever been recalled. CPSC staff continues to investigate dishwasher incidents, so we encourage consumers who experience a safety problem with their dishwasher to log on to our website SaferProducts.gov and report it to our agency."

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