Urban Outfitters mails 'F-Word' catalog

Most retailers like their holiday mailings to stand out through all the clutter. That way they boost their Christmas season sales.
But one is standing out too much.

Urban Outfitters, the hip, edgy clothing retailer, is catching the attention of parents all because of its new holiday catalog.

Yahoo News says it is filled with the "F-bomb" and a number of other words that we can't say on TV or on a TV station website.
Among items inside the catalog, according to Yahoo News:

-A memories book that says "Let's F----ing Reminisce" on the cover.

-A holiday mug that says "Merry B----tches "

-A candle with the F word on it.    
The American Family Association has complained to Urban Outfitters, and calls it "offensive."

Urban Outfitters has not responded. The one thing that's certain: teens and college students are noticing, which was the goal in the first place.

As always, don't waste your money.

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