Recalled items may still be in your home

Hundreds of products are recalled every year: Kitchen appliances, baby monitors, child chairs, bassinets and even kids' watches.

That means there could be an unsafe product in your home.    

Trouble is, many people are unaware of product recalls, and could have dangerous products right under their nose.

Never Mailed in Cards

Since her son was born, Monique Sock has bought a lot of baby gear. But what she didn't do is mail in the manufacturers' product registration cards so she'd be notified of any recalls.  

"I didn't want them to use it to market to me or send me junk mail," Sock said.  
Sock is not the only one who doesn't send in registration cards. Many Tri Staters --worried about our privacy -- never do.

So we end up with dangerous, recalled items still in our home.

Report Lists Dangers in Home

A new report in Time Magazine lists some dangerous items many people are still using. Some of the most dangerous:

    -- LG dehumidifiers sold during 2007 and 2008: They are blamed for 11 house fires.

    -- Maytag dishwashers sold between 2006 and 2010: Blamed for starting 12 fires.

    -- Magnetix building sets by Rose Art: One child died, two dozen required stomach surgery after swallowing the magnetic balls.

    -- Maclaren baby strollers since between 1999 and 2009: Five children had their fingertips amputated.

    -- Bumbo baby seats : More than 30 infants have fallen out, fracturing their skulls.

     -- Fuel Gel for Tiki-style lamps, which can burn like napalm

     -- All Drop Side Cribs (they have all been banned)

     -- Lasko Box Fans sold 2002 - 2005
However, consumers who mailed in the warranty card in these cases were alerted immediately.

Don't Like Sending in Cards?

Uncomfortable? You don't have to give them anything more than your name and address.

In addition, companies that make baby products are prohibited from using the information "for any purpose  other than a product recall or safety alert."  

Sock says from now on she is going to make a point of sending in product registration cards.

"Knowing that a manufacturer would let me know if there was a problem with the product," she said, "I'm more than happy to give them my information."

Not sure if something you have is recalled? Go to . You can look up any product, and potentially save a life.

As always, don't waste your money.

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