College degrees that pay the worst

Sure, we all want to save the world, cure diseases, and be remembered forever. But until then....we'd like a job that makes some money.

A new report lists the worst careers for doing that.

Some Degrees Well Below Average

The average salary with a college degree, after several years, is now $50,000 a year.

But Kiplinger's Personal Finance magazine has just listed degrees that have terrible pay potential

It looked at fields with low compensation and high unemployment, and used algorithm to come up with poor paying degrees.

Kiplingers says you might help save mankind, but you wont earn much doing it.

Degrees With Poor Pay Potential

Among Kiplinger's worst-paying degrees:

        - Anthropology, which pays $28,000 a year if you can find work.

        - Fine Arts: $30,000 a year.

        - Theater: Never mind the pay. 9 out of 10 grads end up in another field, unable to earn money acting.

       - Sociology: Average pay $32,000.

       - English: Average pay $30,000

Kiplinger's says some of these degrees pay less than careers that don't require any college, such as heating and air conditioning, police work, or manufacturing.

Good info to know before you head off to college, so you don't waste your money.


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