Early Black Friday backlash growing

Don't Waste Your Money

Stores are moving Black Friday earlier than ever this year.

Toys R Us announced recently it is opening at 9pm, when many people still have pumpkin pie on the table.

But now, we're seeing a backlash, and an online petition to stop this trend.

Target in the crosshairs

The target of this new campaign is Target . The giant retailer is joining Walmart, Macys, Toys R Us, and Kmart with a Thanksgiving opening this year, and some shoppers and employees are saying enough is enough.

So a group called Change.org has launched this online petition, hoping to convince Target to push back the opening of its Black Friday sales to the old time: 5am. (Mobile users should type change.org into their browser to view it.)

As of Tuesday November 15th, 75,000 people had signed it.

Many stores opening early

  • Target is one of the later stores to open on thanksgiving night: at midnight.
  • Walmart is opening at 10pm.
  • And toys R Us will open its doors at 9pm.
  • Kmart and Sears will be open all afternoon.

Will Target listen to the petition?  The ads are already printed, so it seems doubtful.

So at least for this year, if you want the best Black Friday deals you are going to have to shop while you are still digesting that turkey.

As always, don't waste your money.


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