9 ways to slash your grocery bill

Many shoppers are about to be hit with their biggest grocery bill of the year, as they buy the fixings for Thanksgiving dinner.

But we have 9 ways to slash that bill.

We went shopping with nationally known blogger Andrea Deckard, of Butler County, Ohio, who has 3 children at home. She is always looking for every way to save on groceries, and shares what she finds on her blog SavingsLifestyle.com

9 Ways to Save

Tip #1: Find out when your store marks down beef, bread, and other items.

"Find out from your local meat and produce managers, where you are shopping at, when they are reducing the prices on products they need to get out, because the are coming close to expiration," she said.

#2:  Shop midweek: Not Friday or Saturday. You'll find more sale items, and the biggest sale items (think Tide Detergent or Cheerios) won't be sold out.

# 3: Buy in-season fruits and veggies: Such as squash, cucumbers and peppers in the fall.

They are much cheaper and fresher than out of season veggies, like grapefruit and asparagus, which are really spring items.

Consider New Forms of Coupons

#4:  Switch to digital coupons. Deckard says paper coupons don't save money like they used to. "Over the past 5 years, I have seen the values of coupons diminish," she said. Plus, most stores no longer double them.

So instead, she now suggests trying new apps like Favado:   It lists all the current sales on your favorite items.

"Favado is really cool because it allows you to have the sales literally on your phone," she explained.

Favado also alerts you if another store has a lower price."It's also nice," she said, "because it helps you do some price comparison."

Deckard also likes Coupon Sherpa , where you can find all the current coupons for your favorite stores.

"Coupon Sherpa is a great app to help you find the different printable coupons that are available," she said.

#5: Download coupon deals on your home computer  from grocery stores and major coupon sites.  Among her favorites:
    - Kroger.com , where you load coupons to your Kroger plus card.
    -Redplum.com .
    -Smartsource.com .

What to do when you are in the store

#6:  Don't impluse: Don't buy things in the aisle end caps, Deckard says, as those are usually not the best deals.

#7: Stock up on canned goods: Like green beans and pumpkin, when they go on sale, as they can last a year.

# 8: Buy store brands when you can't tell the difference, such as flour, or canned corn.

And finally, #9:  It's a no brainer, but Deckard reminds us never to shop when you are hungry:

Surveys say you will buy as much as 20% more food if your stomach is growling.

As always, don't waste your money.

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