5 jobs with the most layoffs this year

The economy is improving, according to most economists.  But unemployment remains stubbornly high, and many workers continue to face the possibility of layoffs.

In recent months, companies from Cincinnati's Procter & Gamble to HP and Yahoo in Silicon Valley have announced layoffs to attempt to streamline their operations.  And home building has barely recovered from the Great Recession of 2008. 

So for thousands of workers, the recession has never really ended.

Jobs with the most layoffs

A new report in SmartMoney magazine lists the jobs and careers that continue to shed the most workers in 2012.

The top 5 fields with the most layoffs based on filings for government unemployment benefits are:

   -Construction:  13 percent of all unemployment benefits claims, as home building remains depressed.

   -Administrative support: 12 percent of unemployment claims, as companies do without support staff.

   -Manufacturing: 9 percent of unemployment claims.

   -Retail sales: 8 percent of unemployment claims, as stores make due with smaller staffs.

   -Social assistance and healthcare assistance: 8 percent of claims, despite the growing demand for doctors and nurses.

The good news, according to SmartMoney, is that unemployment claims in all these industries are down slightly in the past two years.

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