Dirty Dining: Some sushi restaurants not serving up safe food

TAMPA, Fla. - Sushi is considered healthy and nutritious but last month, 19 states reported more than 90 people getting sick from a salmonella outbreak caused by sushi. Investigators are focusing on spicy tuna rolls in particular.

MORE: See your favorite sushi restaurant's inspection records (mobile and tablet users, visit http://wfts.tv/JlR2H5)  

While Florida was not one of those states, the I-Team reviewed the inspection reports of 100 sushi restaurants in the bay area over the last year and found serious critical violations that could make you or your family sick.

That includes raw tuna at 61 degrees, raw shrimp and fish over cooked tempura, which is a cross contamination issue and restaurants that had to throw out food because they were at hazardous temperatures.  We also look at one sushi restaurant that tops the list in critical violations.

Find out what you need to look for the next time you are out at a restaurant eating sushi on Wednesday night at 11.

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