Dirty Dining: Inspectors ordered restaurant to throw out 40 pounds of food

TREASURE ISLAND, Fla. - Sher Ozzie knows the ins and outs of running Foxy's Cafe on 107th Avenue in Treasure Island after working for the family business for 16 years.

So when a state inspector forced the restaurant to throw out 40 pounds of ribs a couple weeks ago, she was not happy about it.

"We have a couple of new cooks in here and they didn't properly cool them down before they put them away. So when we came in the morning, they were not at temperature," Ozzie explained to ABC Action News anchor Wendy Ryan.

Inspectors found all of those ribs between 49 and 52 degrees, which could make customers sick.

The state also discovered corn beef hash, sausage, and turkey all warmer than 41 degrees in the cooler.

"People don't understand how many different things there are involved in making sure that everything is done properly," Ozzie said.

And doing things properly by the book has been a challenge for Foxy's over the last 12 months as the cafe faced three other stop sales in October, May and January of 2013.

"You're 24-7. We are here 15 to 17 hours out of a day. So some things you're not paying attention to. New guy comes in and knows the rules but...." Ozzie said.

But over a year's time, 96 violations adds up.

Ozzie did not want us in the kitchen, but said she stays on top of every employee constantly.

"It's a major learning curve. So sometimes you just drop the ball. We try our best not to but it happens," Ozzie said.

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