Dirty Dining: Inspectors find rodent droppings inside dough-press machine & food at hazardous temps

We met a woman named Lee outside a hair salon a few doors down from Buffalo City Take-out & Grille, recently renamed Wecks, on Park Street North in St. Petersburg. Lee said when she's eaten there, the service was not so good.

"I had a hamburger, I believe, and a salad. My big thing was the wait time. That's the only thing I complained about. The food was fine," Lee said.

"So it took you a while to get the food?" asked ABC Action News anchor Wendy Ryan.

"Yes. They must have been short-handed or something," Lee answered.

But inspectors found more hazardous conditions in the restaurant.

"They've had three stop sales in their last three inspections, which means inspectors made them throw out food. Either because they were at the wrong temperature, they were moldy or old," Ryan told Lee.

"Oh, that's too bad," Lee reacted.

On April 15, 2014 inspectors discovered stuffing, mashed potatoes, chicken stock, and gravy that had to be tossed because they were over 14 days old and considered unwholesome. And it wasn't the first time.

In January of this year, inspectors found mold growing over cooked veggies, making the place throw out four-quarts of it.
And on June 28, 2013, another stop sale was issued for sour cream, half and half, dressings, stew, soup, and gravy because of dangerous temperatures that could make customers sick.

Ryan visited the eatery and met an employee who said the manager and owner were not there. So Ryan explained the reason for her visit.

"You had three stop sales, three reports in a row, and this latest one there was rodent activity?" Ryan asked.

That rodent activity included large rodent droppings inside the dough machine in the kitchen. But the employee couldn't comment and promised the manager would follow up with Ryan.

Meanwhile Lee said she won't be back, but it's not because the recent inspections phase her. She's more concerned about keeping her weight down.

"So you're not going to be heading back anytime soon, but more for your waistline?" asked Ryan.

"More for my waistline than anything else," Lee joked.

Buffalo City Take-Out & Grille Statement:

Buffalo City Take-Out & Grille (Wecks)
5639 Park Street North
St. Petersburg, FL 33709

RE: Health Dept. Report

Dear Ms. Wendy Ryan

This in regard to the Pinellas County Health Dept. report, the inspector was on location April 15-2014. Many of the violations were corrected on site, however she did return on April 17, 2014 at which time violations had been corrected. Buffalo City Take-Out & Grille (Wecks) is in compliance.

The stop sale items were never intended to be served, it was in error not to be discarded. Like I stated on the phone, I would never serve anything, I wouldn't eat myself. The owner, myself as manager, the employees strive to serve protect and provide the best freshest food to all the customers. I believe our customers would agree as well.

Thank You for the opportunity to clarify the issues at hand. If in the future you need to discuss anything, please contact me at Buffalo City Take-Out & Grille . (Wecks)

Peggy Kane