Dirty Dining: Grocery stores release statements in response to state inspections

TAMPA - Albertsons Statement:

Albertsons Market prides itself on providing a great shopping experience, and integral to that is a clean store.  Our associates are trained to follow consistent food safety and cleanliness practices using training guidelines that help us to accurately produce consistent results, and we also have a dedicated food safety manager who ensures store policies and procedures are followed. In the event that we receive a rating of "Fair" or lower, we immediately address the concerns noted, retrain the department associates on the correct procedures and follow up with the department manager and store director on a regular basis with inspections of our own.

Publix Statement:

As you know, clean stores and safe food handling practices are top priorities at Publix. Below are some things we do throughout the food chain to maintain food safety. Some key areas include:

1. We require our suppliers to adhere to the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) certified food safety audits.
2. We recognize produce suppliers who demonstrate strong on-farm food safety programs and implement traceability programs.
3. We utilize recall systems to quickly remove product from our stores and promptly notify our customers.
4. We use independent and unannounced third party food safety audits at all our stores to proactively measure our food safety performance.
5. We train our associates early and often on safe food handling practices and food safety behaviors.
6. We leverage our Aprons Simple Meals program to share with our customers how they can quickly prepare a safe and delicious meal for their families.

Shannon Patten
Publix Super Markets, Inc.

Sweetbay Statement:

At Sweetbay, Food Safety is of the utmost priority. We have policies and procedures in place that enable us to consistently instruct and teach our associates how food safety protects the public health.

We also consult with a third party that performs regular audits to maintain our high standards.

Lastly, the regulatory inspections conducted by the Department of Agriculture aids us in consistently raising our standards and allows for us to benchmark against other great retailers.

Target Statement:

Target cares deeply about the safety of our guests. We are committed to providing them with a great experience as they shop, which includes operating our stores in a clean and sanitary manner. Target takes a proactive, comprehensive approach to food safety including maintaining well-defined standards and procedures, providing teams with training, and evaluating our stores' performance on a regular basis. Finally, we take regulatory visits very seriously and are committed to taking the appropriate action to correct any issue that may be identified.

Walmart Statement:

"Every single one of our customers deserves access to healthy and affordable food and our goal is to ensure we are doing everything we possibly can to earn their trust as merchant."

Dianna Gee, Walmart Spokesperson

Since Sam's Club is a part of our corporation, it makes the most sense to use the same statement. Our corporate food safety team oversees both. As a point of clarification, Walmart is the preferred brand name of Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. which encompasses Walmart Stores US, Walmart International, and Sam's Club.

Winn-Dixie Statement:

Winn-Dixie is committed to providing our customers great value and freshness every visit! We have our own stringent internal training, certification and inspection process and also benefit from the Department of Agriculture's inspections.  Our ongoing results with both inspections are consistently strong.
Winn-Dixie and the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services inspections provide a great opportunity to fix any issues immediately and is a great teaching opportunity to reinforce our standards and continue to deliver a great experience to our customers.

Joey Medina
Tampa Regional Vice President

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