Dirty Dining: El Rincon De Hidalgo Mexican Restaurant shut down temporarily for live roaches

BROOKSVILLE, Fla. - "I'm Italian. I cook only from scratch every single night. My husband wouldn't eat anything else," said Kathy Dileo, who doesn't eat out much. But her business 'Frank and Kathy's Beauty and Barber Shop' is in the same complex as an eatery with issues.

"How do you feel about a local restaurant being shut down by the state?" asked ABC Action News anchor Wendy Ryan.

"I don't like that," Kathy responded.

El Rincon De Hidalgo Mexican Restaurant on Broad Street in Brooksville had to close its doors for almost 48 hours in August after inspectors found roaches crawling in the kitchen.

According inspection reports from August 12 to August 14, the state temporarily closed down the eatery after finding live roaches near the soda, tortillas, cooks line and sink.

Inspectors also found roaches a year ago in the men's bathroom so Ryan paid them a visit.

Inside employee Rubin Murlo says his family owns the restaurant and his wife manages it. And they were aware of the infestation.

"So did you know you had roaches? Did you see them?" Ryan asked.

"I watch them but not right now," Rubin responded.

"You saw roaches before you were shut down?" Ryan asked to clarify.

"Yeah before," he said.

While the cook was busy chopping fresh cilantro, Rubin showed Ryan the rest of the kitchen and explained how he makes sure no insects return.

"So you have a pest control company and you spray yourself?" asked Ryan.
"Yeah both," Rubin said.

Other sanitary violations found in the kitchen in August included no hot water or cold water, no soap, and no sink for employees to wash their hands.

"The inspectors found the employees not trained. Are you trained? Are you certified? Ryan asked.

"No, only my wife and him," Rubin said, pointing to the cook.

And Rubin showed Ryan a few other issues that need to be addressed by the landlord, pointing to the ceiling buckling.

"That one you see? I got a leak over there," Rubin explained.

"Oh it's leaking?" Ryan asked.

"Yeah, if I pull that closed, water stays there all the time," Rubin said.

But Rubin assured Ryan all is well.

"Everything else has been fixed?" Ryan asked.

"Yeah," Rubin replied.

Ryan also spoke with El Rincon's Manager Marlene Silbestro over the phone last week. Silbestro said the restaurant hired a new pest control company and everything has been cleaned up and fixed.

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