Dirty Dining: Cici's Pizza shut down twice in two weeks for roach infestation

KENNETH CITY, Fla. - The sign on the door from the state reads, "This establishment is closed to protect public health and safety."
It's the first thing ABC Action News anchor Wendy Ryan saw as she walked up to CiCi's Pizza on 66th Street in Kenneth City on Wednesday. With the doors locked, an employee was feverishly cleaning inside.

According to the inspection report, on January 25, the state shut down CiCi's over night after finding 46 live and dead roaches crawling on five different restaurant booths, under the pizza buffet, on the ice machine, and behind the pizza conveyors.

So Ryan went back on Thursday to find the restaurant re-open. But CiCi's manager Arnold Berndt said he couldn't comment on the closure, even though it's the second time its happened in two weeks.

On January 13, inspectors closed CiCi's for over 20 hours after finding live and dead roaches on the pizza buffet counter, on a bag of flour, and in other parts of the kitchen. And on July 19, 2010 inspectors documented seeing a live roach again near the buffet.

The state also found no proof employees were properly trained during their last four inspections.

"I won't go in there," said Brian Tominus, who lives in the area. Brian said he had a bad experience at CiCi's.
"I don't think they do their temperatures right," Brian said.

Inspectors might agree. During December and January inspections, the state found soup at 120 degrees and cheese sauce at 125 degrees, which are both below the minimum 135 degrees they are required to maintain.

"You won't be back?" Ryan asked.

"Never again, never again," Brian said.


Entire statement from CiCi's Pizza:

"We contacted the operator who owns the CiCi's restaurant in Kenneth City and we are working with him to assist him in complying with our rigorous cleanliness standards for all locations nationwide. He has taken extensive steps to ensure the problem is resolved and reopened today after a thorough review and approval by the health inspector."  - CiCi's Pizza

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