Dirty Dining: China Jade shut down for 4 days with 130 live and dead roaches in the kitchen

TAMPA - The state shut down eight restaurants due to roach or rodent activity last week, and one bay area eatery made the list.

China Jade at 4537 Gunn Highway Blvd in Tampa was forced to close its doors for four days from February 23-27 because of a roach infestation. State inspectors found 50 live roaches in various stages and 80 dead roaches throughout the kitchen. And it wasn't the first time inspectors found roach activity.

On October 31, 2011, the state discovered over 100 dead roaches on shelves and floors in the kitchen and on June 27, 2011 inspectors saw over 200 dead roaches along with 10 live roaches on the premises.

China Jade tallied up 74 critical violations over the last eight months. When inspectors went into the restaurant from June 27, 2011, to February 27, 2012, the critical violations had to do with food preparation and storage, according to the most recent reports.

State inspectors observed potentially hazardous food thawing in standing water and food held more than 24 hours without proper date markings. Food was also stored on the floor and shell eggs were sitting on the counter at 70 degrees.

In another report, chicken and rice were at 81 degrees. The Food Code states that all potentially hazardous cold food must be maintained at 41°F or less and hot food maintained at 135°F degrees or more.

Because of those critical issues, the Division of Hotels and Restaurants filed two administrative complaints and fined the restaurant $3,240.

We called China Jade management for comment but received no phone call back.

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