BarkOff claims to use a high-pitched sound to stop dogs from barking

CLEVELAND - Dogs are loveable, but their bark can give you a headache. There's a product that promises to stop that annoying barking. But, does it really do that? 

Mary Lawlor is always looking for a way to stop her dogs from barking. So, we asked her to try BarkOff for one week.

For $9.99, it uses a high pitched sound that activates when your dog barks. While the packaging says only your dog can hear it, and that it's inaudible to humans, Mary and I had no trouble hearing the high pitched noise. And every time we spoke, the BarkOff responded.

So it may not live up to all the claims, but can it stop barking?

When we checked back in with Mary after seven days, she said she saw little change in her dogs using BarkOff.

"There was no way for the dogs to be startled by it because when we spoke they heard it. So, if they barked and heard it, it was normal," she explained.

So, was it just these dogs? Mary doesn't think so.

"She's very smart and she wasn't bothered by the sound at all."

The company that sells BarkOff told us the product is best used when you train your dog and it works best on a single dog, not multiple dogs.

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Does it really do that?