Xbox One called a next-generation entertainment console

REDMOND, Wa - The Xbox One was unveiled at Microsoft's headquarters in Redmond, Washington.  The console itself has sharp angles, not the smooth contours like the 360.

The internal parts are more powerful.  The device will have 8 gigabytes of memory and comes with a new-generation Kinect sensor that communicates a user's voice and gesture commands to the console.

People can use their voice commands to switch back and forth between watching live TV, listening to music, watching a movie, browsing the Internet, as well as simultaneously running apps.

Unlike the current Xbox 360, the Kinect will be included with every Xbox One.  It comes with an improved sensor that can detect slight rotations of your wrist or shoulder. It can even read your heartbeat, Microsoft says.

The Kinect will also allow you to control the main interface of the system with gestures; you can wave your hand to move through menus Microsoft demonstrated during the hour-long event.  You can also control with your tablet or phone.

Microsoft has made some changes to the controller, saying it's a more precise joystick.

Don Mattrick, Microsoft's president of interactive entertainment business, said the company has spent the past four years working on the system.  It will go on sale later this year.  Details about pricing were not released.

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