Want to run a food truck? Can't do much better than Tampa

Tampa ranks 2nd for food trucks

TAMPA - Tampa made food truck history last August by assembling the most vendors in one spot ever.. 99 trucks at the Florida State Fairgrounds.   

Now, food trucks can turn up anywhere, from the streets of Downtown to the garage at Tampa General.  The lunch crowd loves  them.

"It's different than what we usually get in the cafeteria. It's nice to have some variety" said Lisa Biss, a TGH employee on her lunch break.

The rolling restaurateurs like Scott Brown of "Dude and his Food",  by and large love the lifestyle.

"I've been a chef my whole life. I just wanted the independence. I was tired of working for someone else" said Brown.

Now on the front page of trade publication, 'Mobile Cuisine' we learn that Tampa ranks second only behind San Antonio, Texas as the best city to open a food truck.

It seemed destined to happen.  Tampa Mayor Bob Buckhorn has long championed the food trucks as a way to enliven the sometimes moribund downtown.

And though there's been some friction between brick and mortar restaurants and lower overhead trucks, Tampa Bay Business Journal writer, Chris Wilkerson says Bay Area cities have been supportive of the food truck trend.

"The ones around here have had laws that are favorable to food trucks. Their licensing costs tend to be a little lower and that's what this website found about Tampa that made it higher in the ranking" said Wilkerson.

'La Petite France' owner, Glenn Cryer believes there's room for more food trucks. 

But newcomers should be prepared to work.

"It's a hard job. I wake up at 3:30 in the morning to make everything fresh and everything good."

 Other key factors that put Tampa near the top of the "Mobile Cuisine" ranking? The weather and a population of adventurous diners.

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