Two young entrepreneurs making it big

Andrew Reid started spinning signs for local businesses to make extra money in high school. Then at just 18 years old, he hired his buddies and started Sign Smart.

"I worked hard for 6 months not really getting anywhere with it. Then finally I was able to get it off the ground and everyone went from saying 'Oh that's a dumb idea' to 'Wow, can you hook me up with a job." said Andrew.

Andrew handles the hiring, training, and scheduling of a crew of about 40. He also has the spinners insured so when businesses like Little Greek in Tampa go through Sign Smart, its a lot less hassle.

Andrew shares office space with his best friend Kevin Schlenker. He turned his car stereo hobby into a million dollar a year business, Skar Audio. He makes car stereo equipment and ships it to retailers all over the world. Like Andrew it was tough trying to start a business at such a young age, but he says there are advantages.

"I can stay here 15-16 hours a day and work if I need to and put in the time. And once you're older, you have other responsibilities you can't go out and start and put all your finances into a company." said Kevin.

Skar Audio got so big, so quick that Kevin took a leave from college at UCF in Orlando. Andrew is a senior at UCF and runs Sign Smart from his frat house while he's there.

"Its a lot of time management, but if you're willing to put in the work its very rewarding." said Andrew.

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