Tampa Bay Business Journal: March 28, 2014

TAMPA - In this week's Tampa Bay Business Journal segment, editor Alexis Muellner discusses why some C1 Bank employees are getting a pay raise, the legal wrangling in Tallahassee holding up Cigar City Brewing's expansion, and the fun way the Business Journal announced its Best Place to Work Finalists.

A number of C1 Bank employees will receive a raise next week. The company decided to pay its permanent full-time employees a minimum of $14 an hour beginning April 1.

Bank officials say 27 of their 217 workers will receive a pay increase between one to thirty percent.

The $14 per hour rate is called a "living wage." That means people are able to purchase food, pay for a vehicle, and afford somewhere to live without government help, while having money left over.

C1 Bank believes, since they have had 16 consecutive profitable quarters, it is time to give back to their employees because it is the right thing to do.

Cigar City Brewing owner Joey Redner want to expand his company's operations. However, legal wrangling in Tallahassee between state lawmakers may force him to look at a site outside Florida.

Right now, Cigar City's Spruce Street location brews about 50,000 barrels a year. Redner believes he can grow that to 175,000 barrels in the next five years.

The problem is selling beer in half-gallon "growlers" is illegal in Florida. That size is extremely popular across the country, much more popular that the quart and gallon jugs that are legal in the state.

Lawmakers are deciding whether to pass a bill to make the half-gallon size legal in Florida, a decision Redner that will impact his expansion plans.

The Tampa Bay Business Journal just announced the 60 finalists for the 2014 Best Places to Work Awards in an unusual way. They created a lipdub-style video to honor each of the finalists.

You can watch the fun video, which is set to Twist and Shout, at bizj.us/uoecv .

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