Tampa Bay Business Journal - July 6, 2012

TAMPA - In this week's Tampa Bay Business Journal report, editor Alexis Muellner discusses how upholding health care reform is impacting real estate, the economic difficulties tanning salons, and which company is overseeing the Republican National Convention balloon drop.

The Supreme Court's decision to uphold the Affordable Care Act on June 28 is having a positive short-term impact on healthcare real estate.

A number of insurance companies are already asking their landlords how they can double their space, fully understanding healthcare will continue to be a growing industry.

One industry taking a hit from the Affordable Care Act are tanning salons. Since 2010, tanning salons have had to charge a 10% excise tax on most services to help pay for provisions in the act.

However, the IRS says revenues generated from the excise tax are below projections.

The Indoor Tanning Association says the tax is damaging the industry. Over 3,000 tanning businesses have closed in the past two years.

One of the most memorable moments at a political convention is the balloon drop. When presumed Republican nominee Mitt Romney accepts the Republican Presidential nomination, it will not be a Tampa Bay company overseeing the drop.

A California company will once again produce the balloon drop, continuing a tradition since 1988.

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