Tampa Bay Business Journal: July 12, 2013

TAMPA - In this week's Tampa Bay Business Journal segment, editor Alexis Muellner discusses how's business with local CEOs, whether William "Hoe" Brown should resign, and the sign the area's tech industry is maturing.

Mueller talked to 18 Tampa Bay business leaders asking each of them, "How's business?"

The majority report opportunities exist, but it will take hard work to win. People working in the health care, software and technology industries feel much better about their situation. Those in real estate have renewed optimism following the housing market collapse of 2008.

The Business Journal surveyed 135 readers in an online poll asking if William "Hoe" Brown should resign his appointment as chairman of the Tampa Port Authority.

Brown was accused of operating substandard if not illegal housing. Video shot by the Tampa Bay Times showed bugs crawling throughout mobile homes that had been illegally place on property he owned.

The poll found 71% of people felt he should resign his Port Authority chairmanship with 53% saying he should resign all his board appointments.

Last week Tampa technology services company Tribridge finished their acquisition of Intelladon, a Tampa a talent management consultant firm. The purchase is an effort by Tribridge to expand into the area of human capital management.

The sale is a sign that Tampa Bay's tech industry is alive and thriving.

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